LED LES 12 volt E5 Screw light bulbs dolls model railways


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LED LES 12 volt DC E5 Screw light bulbs Dolls House model railways

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LED 12 volt E5 light bulb. This product is more efficient and reliable than the 60ma lamp. BUT This led lamp will only operate using DC only POLARITY matters. Estimated operating life 30.000 hours/3 years.  Total Length 18mm Diameter Glass 5mm. Used in model Village. Will not work on AC. Negative goes on side of Screw Case. Positive on blob on bottom, we have the AC one here https://www.uklightbulbs.co.uk/torch-flashlight-bulbs-mes-les-wedge-pf-wire-end-capless-diving-caving-lamps-maglite/1319-e5-12-volt-83-ma-les-52mm-twig-lighting-les-torch-bulb-12v.html

Compact energy saving fluorescent light bulb this unit produces a lot of light, any light will attract insects and bugs but because it as a special yellow coating does not attract as many, advantage when used in a suitable fitting provides a lot of light for that outdoor party.

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