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Anti-insect Lamp 25 watt 240 volts BC. CFL. Compact Fluorescent Lighting lamp


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25 Watt 240 Volt anti bug Lamp BC Yellow/Orange Used more Outdoor for lighting Small Area's

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Anti insect, anti bug, Reduce Insect annoyance Can YOU? Not easy but we could work with you! reduce insect annoyance by using incandescent "bug lights", Orange/yellow fluorescent, or high-pressure sodium orange or if you dare red is best near entrance "the nearer to red the better but light is lost". Used a lot for the Outdoor eating place's ie Hotels

They work well because of their lack of blue light. In addition, any light source near doorways should be shielded from horizontal view so that the flying insect will be less apt to see it. If possible, the light source should be located a short distance from the entrance and the light should be directed to illuminate the entrance. Note that incandescent "bug lights" do not repel bugs - they just don't attract as many as plain bulbs because the insects cannot see the yellow light as well as they can see blue or ultraviolet light. Another tip is that decks, patios, and particularly barbecue and eating areas should be lighted from a distance.

The custom of stringing colour bulbs for a festive atmosphere will work reasonably well if the majority of light in the area is beamed in from some distance away. outdoor lighting cfl's, Yellow light to suit the wattage of the lamp, 25 Watt 240 Volt anti bug Lamp Base bc. The seeming aversion of flying insects because they can not see colour yellow very well, yellow light is due to differences between their sight and that of human beings, Humans process colours on the deep blue to dark red end of the light spectrum best while flying insects best see ultraviolet energy (such as black lights). Has these are energy saving low wattage compact fluorescent units they are good for porch lights. or in suitable fittings used in garden lights. Average life 8,000hrs.

So allowing you to have light at your party without attracting too many insects. They have a special yellow / orange coating to reduce the blue light in regular bulbs, which attracts night-flying insects. Average life 8,ooo hrs White light blue and red attract flying biting insects to your outdoor party, use our special lamps to reduce the number of biting insects that could spoil your evenings outdoor party. Lighting of an outdoor party area is best laminated in a yellowish / orange plume as it attracts fewer biting insects, avoid illumination that as a white, bluish, red colour spectrum, our special colour matched lamps reduce insect attraction that could spoil your outdoor barbeque evening. Providing that individual customer service that is still essential in today’s Modern World. All our lamps light bulbs are sent out in large boxes or bags filled with bubble wrap for
the safest of journeys to you the customer. The lid is then sealed
by a length of wide tape marked FRAGILE

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