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Started in 1990 UK LIGHTBULBS have been selling rare and hard to find light bulbs, to date they have a vast stock, the Light bulb market has become a vast area were by there are now thousands of types in use, getting a correct replacement can be a challenge.

Some customers want a direct replacement for the old bulb they hold in their hand, where the bulb came from is the challenge if we are to supply them with what they need.

Now this is how we work:- To find your Light bulb We have put on our website some of the most popular light bulbs, they are listed under the categories with pictures and a full description.

Should you decide your light bulb may not be listed, or you find it is out of stock, as happens with so many other websites! Ring us 01204 847085. We are here to help you find rare hard to find light bulbs.

We have linked up with most of the manufacturers and suppliers wholesale and some retailers we have found a different way to supply the customer with any light bulbs they need.

The worst is when one is searching through websites to find there light bulb cant be found or is out of stock!

With the modern LED light bulbs we know a bit but do not yet promote them as we are testing them!

Give us a call on 01204 847085.