Corona19 Germicidal Unit 36 watts Water Air Purification Sanitisation Disinfection


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 Corona19 Antivirus Unit GERMICIDAL Water Air Purification 36 watt Light killer unit

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 Germicidal fluorescent 36 watt. This is a 36w Tube GERMICIDAL Unit used for Water and Air Purification. Total Length 1363mm. This Unit has an average life of 6,000 hours and an A class energy efficiency rating. Eye protection needed. Pond filtering and disinfection of drinking water. Sanitisation

Make Light work of CORONA 19 VIRUS!

Disinfection Sanitization using UV-C is the fastest  cleanest effective way of removing pathogens including COVID-19 from the air or surfaces.

This unit has a PIR TO SWITCH IT OFF IF MOVEMENT IS DETECTED. Disinfection Sanitisation in minutes.

were the light rays reach.

Lighting a room with UV-C is a very effective method of Disinfecting Sanitizing an area, but direct exposrue to UV-C can be dangerous it will cause irritation to the skin and eyes and must be avoided.

Once an area car bus or room has been exposed it it clean of germs, it will then be up too human animal to re-infect it

These High power units are in big demand there may be a wait time we are not too suppling 1 or two's but will not supply in bulk save lives matter the units are movable so 1 per house should be enough.

 Be safe than sorry.

with every order we can supply futher factual data

The light from this lamp MUST not be exposed to any Animal even for 5 secs it will burn Eyes skin

All our lamps are sent out in large boxes or bags filled with bubble wrap for
the safest of journeys to you the customer. The lid is then sealed
by a length of wide tape marked FRAGILE.

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