FL8BLB 8 watts Cap T5 F8T5/BLB bank note fraud print mark detection


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T5 Blacklight Blue Fluorescent Tube 8 watt Length 12" 333mm Hard to find Rare light bulbs

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T5 Blacklight Blue Fluorescent Tube: 8 watt Length 12"used in disco bank note detection curing. This 300mm Blacklight Blue 8W T5 Fluorescent Tube is the perfect alternative to a standard blacklight incandescent lamp. Applications include insect-o-cutor units, industrial processes and special effects in night clubs and bars. This lamp offers savings of up to 80% in energy usage compared to an incandescent and an impressive 10,000 hour lamp life.

Special Dark Blue filter glass Woods glass Ideal for dramatic light effects in Bars Churches and Clubs.

T5 ultraviolet (UVA) blacklight blue fluorescent tubes. Length 300mm/12inches, 8W. A special fluorescent lamp made with a blue filtered hard glass filter which absorbs practically all visible light. Ideal for special effects in night clubs and for counterfeit banknote checkers.

Wood's glass is an optical filter glass invented in 1903 by American physicist Robert Williams Wood (1868–1955), which allows ultraviolet and infrared light to pass through while blocking most visible light.

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