Metal Halide Sylvania BA 1200W SE NHR G22 100V 6000K


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SYLVANIA BA 1200W Metal Halide Lamp G22 100V 6000K

Extremely high light output

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Here is a Tubular type Lamp 165 mm Total Length. Glass Diameter 38mm. Extremely high light output. Needs Control Gear.
Good colour rendering
Light output three to four times higher in Comparison to a filament light bulb.
Light is generated via an arc between two electrodes
Spectrum similar to daylight between 4500 and 6500K
Constant colour temperature and colour rendering behaviour over the whole lamp life.

Used in Photographic industry Studio Lighting
Halogen metal evaporation lamps provide a spectrum composed of a lot of lines, in contrast to temperature radiators, as halogen-incandescent lamps
Made in Europe
Colour temperature: 6000 K TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS
Lamp type: Metal vapour lamp
Base: G22
Voltage : 100 V
Nominal wattage: 1200 W
Dimmable: No

Made under trade name by SYLVANIA Lamp Manufacturer.

Thank You if you place an order with us UK light bulbs If it the first time with us We do our Best to fulfil it. All our images are of Lamps and Bulbs we Retail we try to have a level of 30 lamps in Stock. Of the ones we HAVE Custom Coloured There are times when we may not have enough to meet an order, therefore they have to wait. Plus there are no returns, we say has it is if you order wrong, if on rare event a lamp bulb be faulty phone us we not to sending you another.

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Our Lamps have strong or supported Tungsten Filaments LEDS Last longer.

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The world has changed its LED or SMDs

From past we do Tungsten incandescent

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OK if you in uk you should get your good light bulbs

Many of the orders we get we will not take on, the website is named RARE and hard to find.

When installing this Lamp try not to touch it with greasy hands use a tissue.

Perfect for illuminating shop interiors, arcades, reception areas, building and monument illumination, Public squares and Pedestrian zones. It features hot restrike capability and a 12,000 hour lamp life.

It is made from Quartz Glass and gets very hot, grease oil will damage it.

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