RED Flicker Flame 3w 240v small Edison screw thread SES E14 screw. UK Mains Voltage SAVE 20% NO VAT


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We make Them Red GLASS Orange glow Flicker effect, 35mm Dia 98mm long Base e14 ses.

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Uk light bulbs have this in stock. It has a long lasting neon  orange red glow effect that flickers, with a SES base. UK light bulbs can match your hard to find and rare light bulb and lamps for your flicker flame effect.

Flame light bulb giving out the orange glow or fire glow effect have been fading out of circulation from high street retailers and DIY stores. We at UK light bulbs can find your rare and hard to find light bulbs and lamps. We stock an exclusive selection of flicker flame lamps and neon bulbs which are ideal for your replacement flame light bulb. UK light bulbs can stock flicker bulbs and lamps in various fixing sizes such as BC, SES, ES or B27 E14 E27.

All our flame light bulbs are orange or amber in colour giving you a fire glow flicker flame effect from your bulb. This one also Has its Glass coloured Red. The depth of colour and of the bulbs will also vary depending on the batch of the flame light bulb. Fire glow lamps are ideal which require low wattage flame lamp or bulb. These were typically used in the 1960's lounge and dining rooms and as pilot indicator panel lamps. The flame light bulb wattages we stock range from 1.5 watts through to 3 watts. The fire glow lamp or bulb your require depends on three factors: Shape: candle, GLS, globe. Wattage: range from 1.5 watt through to 3 watts.

This will be stamped on your old flame flicker bulb Fitting: BC, SES, ES , E14, E27 again this will be stamped on the glass or the metal fitting of your flame flicker bulb. The metal section of your bulbs is what the fitting refers to. All our hard to find and rare bulbs do have limited stock and the colour or quality can not be guarantee to be the same as you see here, but are quality tested and if correct wattage and fitting is brought, will be an ideal replacement for your rare and hard to find lamp. Hard to find 1.5 watt ses screw in flicker flame candle bulb 240 volt also known as E14 Screw base uk light bulbs have them in stock.

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