110 volt 60 watt 1150C ship lighting P28s Aldis signal lamps


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Navigation lamps Morse signal lamps 110 volt, 60 watt, Base P28s, light output 50cd. Aldis signal lamps

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Navigation lamps 110 volt 60 watt Base P28s Total length 110mm. Diameter of Glass 39mm average life 1000 hrs. light output 50candela. Tubular. Light can be quantified in many ways, i.e., Lux, Lumens, Foot-candles, candle power, candelas, and so on. The two most popular scales are Lux, which is the European measure, and Foot-candles which is the U.S. scale. Lux is a unit of illumination of one square meter which is one meter away from a uniform light source. 1 candela = 1 Lux.

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