F10T8BL BL368 Bluelight 10 watt Insectacutor Fly killer Blacklight


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F10T8-BL368 10 Watts 240v Blue Light Blacklight Fly Attraction Tube F10W/350BL UVA T8. Vat included.

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10 Watt 240 Volt Blue Light Fly Attraction TUBE Total Length 345 mm F10W/350BL UVA T8 13.5 inches Diameter of Tube 30 mm F10T8BL Nr98gr Insectocutor Fly killer These lamps emit radiation between 300-460nm New updated BL368 insectacutor fly killer tubes also come in round tight u bend and u bend FSL PH Actinic BL PL F9W - 2 pin PL These tubes are predominantly used for insect traps and fly killers (insectocutor units)

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