ledvance light killer box face mask cleaner Reliable, chemical free sterilization by LED UV-C technology


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Christmas Present 2020 Face Mask cleaner different and very useful

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Germicidal LED UV-C 5 watt. This is a 5w GERMICIDAL Unit Purification Sanitisation Tool Total Length 219mm. This Unit has a lithium battery and an A class energy efficiency rating. Sanitiser DISINFECTANT covid19

Reliable, chemical free sterilization by LED UV-C technology

This unit is LED Battery operated. USB charging port which provides easy use and portability. WE include Special FREE charging Lead.

Disinfection Sanitization using UV-C is the fastest  cleanest effective way of removing pathogens including COVID-19 from the air or surfaces. SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind the global pandemic


were the light rays reach

Christmas Gifts Introducing the new easy to use sanitizer from Ledvance! Handy for Masks This small compact sanitizing box provides many uses and is perfect for domestic and business use. This nifty box will sanitize your personal belongings in sessions of 6-9 minutes and safely uses UV radiation to sanitize your belongings. The safety mechanism works by shutting down the box as soon as its opened so that no risks are taken.

It is fully portable and has a type C USB charging port, making it easy to clean your belongings whilst keeping germs and bacteria at bay! This product is perfect for use in;

  • hospitals
  • schools 
  • hairdressers
  • restaurants 
  • hotels
  • leisure centers
  • garages/car showrooms 

As well as domestic use. Whatever you can fit in the box can be sanitized

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