LES 12 volts 83ma 1 watt Light bulb Little Edison Screw


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LES light Bulbs 12 volt 83ma e5 Little Edison Screw 5.2 mm Diameter 1 watt. Model Rail ways Twig Lights.

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Miniature Bulb 12 volt 83 ma 996 mw LES 5.2 mm screw Diameter. 19 mm overall length. 9 mm base length. E5 USED IN SOME TWIG LIGHTS Panel lighting Christmas lights Average life of 5,000 hours. Lamp Cap/Base: E5 LES Colours: Clear Volts: 12v Watts: 1w Length: 19 mm Width: 5.1 mm Average Life: 5,000 hours. Bulb/Lamp Type: Miniature Bulb. Height: 16 mm. Colour Temperature: 2700k. Technology: Incandescent

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