PLS 9 watt 2 pin uv Nail drying resin curing Uv light bulbs international View larger

PLS 9 watt 2 pin uv Nail varnish drying resin curing Uv light bulbs international


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PLS "S" tube 9 watt 2 pin G23. Nail varnish drying. Low energy compact

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9 watt 2 pin Length 168 mm. uv For Nail drying and resin curing Uv light.

This Lamp is known as a Compact Fluorescent light bulb, it has a glass tube wound small and coated inside with fluorescent Powder, it has its own starting gear, not like the old lightbulb with a length of tungsten wire across two wires.

Therefore it is known has a discharge lamp.

It was found discharge tubes last far longer than the Tungsten light bulbs and can provide the same colour temperature as a tungsten lamp.

So to date if a Compact lamp can burn 7 watts and produce same light as a 40 watt tungsten incandescent lets give them a go

With any discharge or led lamp there is flicker if used on 50 HZ ac mains

Our Technical support 01204 847085. Used in Shops Office Display areas. When you are changing your lighting, think of it like re-decorating a room, where you would buy a paint tester pot to see if you like the colour first ... We are putting Videos of lighted lamps on our website.

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