LED SMD Fridge Sub Zero 4w 240v ES E27 500 600 models


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Led Fridge Lamp 4W Spring White Comparable to 80w ES 240V fits some subzero Fridge Freezers as Fridges 500 and 600 series ATOSA WOLF Fridge master  

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Fridges Freezers Refrigerator Spring White ES screw base. Total Length 130MM. Diameter of Glass 30mm  80W 240V White and Bright used in Fridge Freezers Similar to TE7144240040 can be used in many makes 27mm diameter of screw thread Sub zero light bulb. can be used as picture lighting, this one is Bright.

T10 E26 E27 4W 200LM Stick LED Filament Retro Edison Bulb 110-240V

Model: T10 Socket: E27 Power: 4W Voltage: 110-240V
Led Chip Model: Stick Filament Lumen: 200LM Color Temperature: Bright White
Beam angle :360 degree

Ultra-bright Led Design
LED Bulb, no UV or IR radiation.
Long Service life, high luminous efficiency.
Energy Saving, low heat and lower power consumption.
Great Reducing carbon emission, environmentally friendly.
With traditional incandescent lamp design, it can be easily accepted by people.

With 360° beam angle, the filament bulb can give out light omnidirectional.
Adopting IC constant current driver, the filament bulb possesses stable performance and longer life
Does not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements.
Suitable for halls, bars, office or home use.

Advantage :

2. Replace traditional incandescent tungsten, glass lamp, high light transmission, 4W bulb to replace 60-80W conventional incandescent tungsten.
3. Beam Angel: 360 Degrees
4. Light weight, easy to install, safe and reliable
5. The lighting efforts close to the traditional lighting sources, highlighting the classical atmosphere.

Home Lighting, Home Theater, Studio, Private Club, Entertainment Lighting, Architectural Lighting, Ad Lighting, Restarants, Hotels, Display Scene, Artwork Lighting, Landscape Scene, etc.

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