Quartz Ceramic 500 watt 240 volt Jacketed. Light Bulbs. Catering heat lamp. LC. IR240500Z-4-VI View larger

500w 240 volt 216mm Jacketed LC. IR240500Z4VI


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Ceramic 500 watt: 240 volt Jacketed Total Length 216 mm catering heat lamp Infrared Heat Lamp, Ideal For Catering And Other Applications

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Ceramic 500 watt 240 volt. Jacketed. Total Length 216 mm. Lit Length 160 mm. hh210. FIG 2. Quick fit special low pressure lamps designed specifically for catering applications. This range of lamps convert more of the energy used into the most efficient parts of the infrared spectrum for food warming, IRA & IRB. This means that on a direct comparison with standard k-class halogen lamps these lamps perform at approximately 10-15% more efficiently, they also have an average life of 5,000 hours in comparison to 2,000 hours normally provided on normal halogen lamps

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