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    Uk Light bulbs Hard Rare to find lamps and Colour light bulbs

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Welcome to UK light bulbs 2015 mail order. Hard Rare to find lamps and colour light bulbs.
Specialist Bulbs for Dentist, Vets, Medical, Scientific, Industrial, and so on.

Helpful note when looking for bulbs you need to be sure of voltage, wattage or amps (current) and the correct base fitting. All these are on every page on our website.
 If you can get this right you stand a good chance of getting light bulbs for your fittings, that retailers have sold you and they can not supply you with spare bulbs we can in many case's.
Our Telephone number:- 01204 847085
We sell Top Quality light bulbs.
 Colour light bulbs have our own special Heatproof coating.
Longer lasting. Best to pay a bit more for Quality! Check the filament style! Cheap bulbs cheap filaments!
No minimum quantity, posts Worldwide.
Fast delivery.



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Our address is:
60 Montserrat rd
Bolton BL1 5TU
Telephone: 01204 847085
Questions please use the form below.

Rare and hard to find lamps & light bulbs (UK Light Bulbs.co.uk)
As well as selling all the usual light bulbs, UK Lightbulbs.co.uk stocks rare and hard to find light bulbs which have been accumulated from suppliers all around the world.
UKLightbulbs.co.uk are specialists in light bulbs for Cine Projectors and most of the Capsulated Shaped, Dish Dichroic, Tubular Style light bulbs found on their website are for the older hard to find projector.
Categories on their website include Aircraft Interior Lighting, Dental & Microscope Light bulbs, Railway Carriage Light Bulbs so I don't think they'll have a problem supplying a light bulb for your fish tank!
Their website isn't the easiest to navigate, but they're a small business offering personal service so if you get stuck simply drop them an email or pick up the phone for advice (01204 847 085).

Product Disclaimer
UK LIGHT BULBS is not responsible for any damage to equipment or injury that may be caused by the use of products sold by UK LIGHT BULBS.
 The buyer assumes and takes all responsibility and risk with the purchase of any product from uklightbulbs, or 1stlinks websites.

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