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Trolley 1 Warehouse. 300kg 3ft x 2ft Used



Trolley Easy Load 300kg. 3ft by 2ft base One Handle

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 Condition good, front wheels steerable Handle end, Push or Pull, easy Load 300kg. 5 inch wheels

No longer needed one of Two.

Length 3ft Wide 2ft Height including handle 40 inches.

 Telephone 01204 847085 to view and try. Location Bolton North West BL1 5TU.

Thank You if you place an order with us. We do our Best to fulfil it. All our images are of Lamps and Bulbs we Retail Most of which we carry in stock we try to have a level of 50 lamps in Stock. Of the ones we HAVE Custom Coloured There are times when we may not have enough to meet a big order, therefore they have to wait. Plus there are no returns can supply sample first.

We rather supply small order than big order. We better with 1 to 10 Lamps of a type than 50. Therefore we can send out orders quick say 1 up to 10 per order. If you are after 50 lamps or more and cheaper find a wholesaler.

The world has changed its LED or SMDs

From past we did incandescent

From website uklightbulbs we may not be able to supply every order. We are Pleased we been able to take this order

Therefore, if we cannot supply them we send your money back

We are removing many of the lamps from website when we can no longer restock them.

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