Coloured Halogen Candle ECO 42w SES Red electric fires Translucent


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Candle light bulb 42 watt E14 SES Fire glow lacquer Red Halogen.

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Our Colouring Red ECO Candle 42 watt SES Fire glow Red 240 volt 93mm x 35mm. Halogen candle lamp for electric and some gas fires.

This is a standard size modern energy saver replacement candle lamp with an internal fitted halogen capsule lamp inside the 42 watt capsule progress a whiter brighter light than the incandescent 60 watt candle 42 watt halogen = to a 60 watt incandescent candle bulb therefore saving you in electric running costs, wall lamps and other decorative fittings. This lamp 2,000 hrs as incandescent only 1,000 hrs.

Gives 30% energy saving and is suitable for dimming. It is more robust than a loose filement lamp, it has a halogen capsule inside.

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