Energy Saver 30 WATTS Spiral Helix. Base bayonet cap BC. Daylight hydroponics View larger

30 WATTS Spiral Helix Base BC Daylight hydroponics


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Energy Saver 30 WATTS Daylight Energy Saving Spiral Helix Light Bulb BC B22d Standard Bayonet cap. No vat on our price.

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£ 9.75

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Energy Saver 30 WATTS Spiral Helix BC Daylight very bright for this type B22d Standard Bayonet cap Total Length 160 mm Diameter 60 mm 240 volts ac Power saving light bulb. Helix Daylight lamps are ideal for bathrooms kitchens and areas where detailed activities such as sewing, reading, repair or manufacture are undertaken. Good daylight output makes this lamp a perfect display enhancing lamp. This type of lamp is frequently used to enhance a working environment or area Good colour retention ensures colours are seen in the best light Available in a range of sizes to fit most applications. Colour temperature 6400K daylight white.

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