Wellcome Lights Candle Bridge Arch Bulb 7 SET E10 WILL FIT RC7 34v 3w


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E10 LED Christmas Candle Bridge Arch Bulbs 8V TO 55V Lamps will fit as replacement for Old tunsten bulbs RC7 E10 For 7 lamp arch. This price is for 7 lamps

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£ 15.00

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Christmas LED Light bulbs Christmas Welcome lights 7 set too Replace RC7 Ribbed glass 34 VOLT Filament Type. For candle bridge 7 bulbs welcome lights candle bridge working on mains voltage 240 volts ac standard UK domestic mains with a 1 amp fuse in Plug. Candle Bridge Lamps. Total Length 55 mm Diameter 18mm E10 MES 10 MM DIAMETER of Screw thread in stock WILL FIT PREMIER CANDLE BRIDGE Christmas light bulbs. All 7 lamps old type need to be replaced with These. They will last many times longer and are brighter. They have been obtained  from a proven maker. dO NOT MIX WITH OLD 34 VOLT RIBBED ONES

Uklightbulbs All our lamps light bulbs are sent out in large boxes or bags filled with bubble wrap for
the safest of journeys to you the customer. The lid is then sealed
by a length of wide tape marked FRAGILE. 

See what you are Paying for. We light Our lamps. We make videos of them lit. We Colour them and show you them Lit “Lighted “ Now that There is so much going on with Light bulbs, along with energy saving! A lot is going on to be different, should you need old type 100 watt BC could go somewhere else, WE at uklightbulbs support more for progress than a Lamp for a Front room. We are hoping to put videos of many light bulbs on our site. Lighted in some environments. The Price you see is what you pay No vat only shipping. Free If you spend over £50.00. Do They have your Light bulb? We have! We supply what we say on our website. Cheapest priced. No waiting which including Shipping Postage next day £10. Two to 3 days £6.00. Order it we send it. 

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