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Candle light bulb 40w SES e14 Small Screw


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40 watt Base SES Incandescent Decorative Candle Light bulb wall lights Chandeliers

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Candle 40 watt SES Clear candle lamp for chandeliers, wall lamps and other decorative fittings.

Candle light bulbs are designed to resemble a flame, and are therefore frequently used in decorative fittings such as pendants and chandeliers. They are also often used in compact light fittings where a regular GLS bulb will not fit, or allow enough space for heat dissipation. In recent years, EU legislation has stopped production of some forms of incandescent candle bulb, but they are available to buy from existing stocks. 12234, 3330, CHAMBERY, 17086, 3330R, MAGILOG, 10865, 3400, PROVENCE, E, 3400, 11343, LIMOGES, 3500, 3500, 17109, 3500R, 17019, D, E, 12623, 3520, 12647, 3550, 15648, 3560, 17116, 3560R, 15860, 3570, 17123, 3570R, 13019, LONGBOURN, 3600S, 31026, 3700S, PEMBERLEY, SLIMLINE, 31026, 31026, F, G, 125033, GLEN, 930, VICTORIA, 15693, ALDERHOLT

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